Pink Champagne Cake

Today is the last day in our 10-part series of recognising and sharing some of the recipes that have inspired, intrigued and challenged me from blogs I love.  I thought it would be good to finish the series with a bit of a celebration and there’s no better way than with a sparkle. I promised […]

Flourless Double Chocolate Cake

So far in this series we’ve made a vegetarian tart, baked some melt-in-the-mouth cookies, braised some ribs cooked in rum and coke and pickled some watermelon rind. Today we’re half-way through this series and by way of celebration we’re indulging in a dark, double chocolate, chocolate cake that also happens to be gluten-free. The recipe […]

A Dud Dachshund Cake

Not every day in the Hotly Spiced kitchen is a happy one.  In the lead-up to Arabella’s birthday party I set about making the cake she had requested, a dachshund.  What could go wrong! Pretty much everything. But not the baking-the-cakes part; that went very well except for being too heavy-handed with the tint.  I […]

Gluten-Free Banana and Hazelnut Cake

After her whirlwind visit, my sister Em, is now on a plane flying back to her husband and two sons in LA.  It was a very brief and rushed visit and I was very grateful we managed to find a few moments to spend together.  As most of you are aware, we spent Sunday together […]

Raw, Vegan Lemon ‘Cheesecake’

I’m no longer limping. I’ve been to see an osteopath and after telling him my tale of stupidity (air-headed notion of training for less than four weeks for a 10km ‘fun’ run), he looked at me like he was dealing with a slow learner and said, ‘That’s not very wise’. I said, ‘I know that […]

Pip’s Plum Cake

On Mother’s Day my cousin, Pip, brought a plum cake to our family lunch.  It was a fantastic cake that’s not only inexpensive to make but also extremely easy to create so I thought I’d share it with you.  I did want to call this, ‘Pip’s Plum Pie’, because that has a good ring to […]

Double Layer Chocolate Cake and…’Not to worry, mum’

I used to have a son, Archie. No, I still have a son, Archie, it’s just that I don’t see him and I can’t find him. He’s never here. Sometimes there’s evidence that he’s been home and it’s usually in the bathroom.  The floor will be flooded with water, the bath mat is saturated, there’s […]

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake and…A Crisis and Liquid Myrrh

It’s been one of those days.  And it started yesterday. Last night was the opening night of Archie’s play.  Drew, Arabella and I went along to support him.  The night was thoroughly entertaining and Archie gave a performance that was lively and energetic. But I have been worried about Archie because as well as rehearsing […]