Food to Serve at a Titanic Party

Early on in the organising of Archie’s 21st birthday party, I knew I wanted to be involved in the catering, but that I didn’t want the entire responsibility.  I knew I would be sculpting and decorating the cake the day before the event and with the mammoth job that would be, there would be little […]

A Titanic 21st

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and best wishes and interest in Archie’s 21st.  I’ve been bursting to share this with you and would have done it sooner if there hadn’t been so much cleaning up.  Right now I’m still in a daze; it was a very special and wonderful evening that I […]

Titanic’s Chicken Lyonnaise and…The Mechanic’s Family Pets

Dogs are ‘man’s best friend’.  I have two of my own and they are almost as precious as my children – almost! But not everyone buys a dog for the purpose of bringing them in as part of the family. Quite some years ago when Archie was three and Arabella even younger, Carl dropped our […]

Titanic’s Apple Meringue Pie and…Desserting Cruising

I’ve never had much of a desire to go on board one of those massive cruise liners stuffed to the brim with thousands of others with floating casinos and dancing girls and 24-hour nightclubs and buffet roast and carveries and over-crowded decks etc.  But for others I realise this kind of a holiday is a […]

Fresh Fruit with Sweet Cream Cheese and…’Don’t Make a Scene’

When Arabella announced she had a new ‘true-love’ it raised more than my eyebrows. ‘What true-love?’ I asked. ‘His name’s Nick, mum.’ ‘Never heard of him.  Have I met him?’ ‘No and you’re not going to either’. Here we go.   ‘Why won’t I be meeting him?’ ‘Because he’s busy.’ ‘Doing homework?’ ‘Mum, he’s left school.  […]

Mango Chutney and…I Was Nearly Killed

It was Carl who suggested I needed the ‘Ocean Swim’ experience.  ‘You’ll love it’ he enthused and then he registered me for the Blackmores Bilgola Ocean Swim. About 400 swimmers had registered for the 1.5km race and I thought that was a manageable number.  But on the day extras arrived by the busload swelling the […]

Duck Liver Pate and…Archie and Irene

Archie’s back!  And not without the usual and almost expected dramas.  His flights were all cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. Archie phoned us from London in a great state, shouting down the receiver that he only had about a minute’s life left on his phone and there’d be no resurrection because he’d lost the charger.  […]