Tropical Meringue Roulade and it’s Gluten-Free

Yes, I know it’s a shock but yes, I’m finally back in the kitchen. I thought I’d ease back into the food blogging genre by sharing with you how we spent Australia Day. There were two functions.  The first was at Mr Competitive’s house.  He hosts an annual BBQ lunch after the Palm Beach to […]

Jerk Pork Belly and One of Those Days

In my mind I had planned a lovely day.  An early morning swim squad, take Alfie to school, do a quick job, relax at the hairdressers, enjoy lunch with a friend, be home in time to welcome the plumber who would replace a dodgy bathroom taps, collect Alfie from school and take him to the […]

Moroccan Lamb Harira Soup and ‘You Need to Rest’

When I was pregnant with Alfie, some well intentioned individuals (and I won’t say who because my in-laws aren’t really that bad) made a magnanimous gesture and suggested that they look after Archie and Arabella for a week during the school holidays as a way of helping me out. ‘You’re pregnant honey-one.  You need to […]

Rhubarb and Orange Cheesecake and Alfie’s Bargain

It’s been a trying week.  I’ve had Alfie home with acute asthma.  On the plus side, we didn’t end up in hospital like we have on so many previous occasions.  But I did have to give him steroids and he did need many doses of ventolin and ventolin is good for the lungs but bad for […]

Roasted Vegetable and Barley Risotto and Healthy Days

Right now it seems the health conscious are going gluten-free or dairy-free or vegan or all-three.  But being health conscious is not a new thing.  I grew up in the 70’s and the health fads of that era were alive and kicking. We had a neighbour, Mrs V,  who had a son who had married […]

Chorizo Ragu and ‘You’re Still the Best’

We had a magical visitor in the night. Of the fairy kind. At school Alfie pulled out a wobbly tooth and when I went to collect him he ran to me, lisping the news.  ‘Mum, my tooth came out.  I pulled it out.  It was wobbling so much I just pulled it and out it […]

Lamb Shanks with Gremolata and…Sprung!

I’m an early riser but that doesn’t mean I’m showered, dressed and looking glamorous by 9am.  No, sometimes I like to take my time and just progress with a few projects before attending to my personal appearance.  But I’m thinking I’m going to have to change tactics because too often I’m being sprung. A few […]

Pork Belly with Caramel Vinegar and…Hangi Time

When I was very young the house next door to us was sold and we had high levels of anticipation as to who would be our new neighbours. One day they arrived.  And it wasn’t a subtle arrival either.  They were a family of six children, three boys and three girls.  They were very loud […]

Spaghetti with Meatballs and…Some Parents Are Just So Negligent!

While we’re on the subject of broken toes, Alfie did actually break his own toe and I had nothing to do with it. It was right before Christmas and Alfie was three and it was a year since my own toe had been snapped in Far North Queensland. I was organising a Christmas Production with […]

Spinach and Sweet Potato Cannelloni and…Haere Mai

Translated, that’s ‘Welcome’ in Maori.  I did experience a Haere Mai when I was eight years old and it was an experience I’ve never been able to forget. When I was growing up in New Zealand I went to Waiwhetu Primary School and it wasn’t multi-cultural because there were just two cultures – the Maoris […]